A very big Networking LAB – DN42

I’ve always thought of JAWUG as a network lab the size of a city.

But now there’s DN42, which describes itself as:

DN42 is a big, dynamic VPN, which employs Internet technologies (BGP, whois database, DNS, etc). Participants connect to each other using network tunnels (GRE, OpenVPN, Tinc, IPSec, Wireguard) and exchange routes thanks to the Border Gateway Protocol

DN42 website

I’ve joined DN42, and gone a little crazy with it. So far I have nodes in the US, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. This means I can interconnect with other DN42 members anywhere in the world, having resilience against failures.

I’ll probably be adding more to that, but my first step will be to upgrade my Australian node to something with a bit more bandwidth.

So if this sort of thing interests you, get over to https://dn42.us/ and get started.