HAM Radio

I’m a licensed Amatuer radio operator in Australia.

I currently hold a Foundation licenses, but I intend on upgrading to an Advanced license as soon as I can.

My callsign is VK2KMA.
I used to have a is a 7-character callsign, which meant many Digital modes wouldn’t support it. Thankfully ACMA realised that it was issue and now allows Foundation licensees to apply for a 6-character callsign (at a fee).

My kitlist:
– Baofeng UV-5R
– Retevis RT84
– Retevis RT73
– Xiegu G90 for HF
– Raspberry Pi3 with a MMDVM_HS_Dual hat as a DMR Hotspot and Pocsag transmitter on DAPNet (hampager.de)
– Raspberry Pi3 with an MMDVM_Hat as a mobile DMR Hotspot and Pocsag transmitter installed in my car
– QYT KT-8900R with a few mods to make it behave legally
– a Handful of RTL SDR dongles for all the SDR receiving shenanigans
– Another Raspberry Pi3 with SDR dongle and a homemade Colinear antenna for ADS-B
– And various other homemade antennas